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Our Mandate

NSSF is a provident Fund that covers all employees in the private sector that are not covered by the government’s pension scheme.

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Making lives better

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Member Benefits

Age Benefit

Paid to all contributing members who have reached the retirement age of 55 whether in active employment or not.

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Withdrawal Benefit

Paid to members on attaining the age of 50 years, if they have been out of employment for a year.

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Survivor's Benefit

Paid to the relatives (Spouse, children or dependent parents) of the deceased contributing member.

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Invalidity Benefit

Paid to a member who has lost their earning capacity and has physical or mental incapacity, verified by an NSSF Doctor.

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Exempted Employment Benefit

Paid to contributing members who join employment categories that are excepted...

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Emigration Benefit

Paid to contributing members who have been working within the country and are leaving Uganda permanently.

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Midterm Benefit

Paid to a member who is 45 years of age and above and who has made contributions for at least 10 years or a member with a disability who is 40 years of age and above; and has made contributions for at least 10 years.

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Register for the NSSF Voluntary Membership Plan

The NSSF Voluntary Membership Plan provides employers and workers not compelled by the mandatory provisions of the NSSF Act the opportunity to save voluntarily for their retirement.

Features of the NSSF Voluntary Membership Plan

1) Choice – you decide how much you contribute based on your income and life aspirations

2) Flexibility –Contributions can be fixed or varying; made daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually

3) Peace of mind – you will take pride and satisfaction in knowing that you have a secure retirement plan for yourself and your family

4) Return – you get a good return on your savings.



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