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The Financial Literacy sensitization initiative empowers members and sections of the public with financial and investment knowledge to enable them to make informed financial decisions.

According to an internal survey, 80% of NSSF beneficiaries use their entire savings after only 2 years. Only 20% achieve a semblance of success in managing their savings and live a somewhat comfortable retirement. In addition, because of their nature of employment over their working life, few NSSF beneficiaries have the acumen to succeed in business, which leads to massive business failures by retirees, and loss of their life savings. Worse still, only 5% of retirees in Uganda achieve financial independence after retirement, while about 56% of Ugandans get financial advice from a household member or relative, according to the 2018 Finscope survey.

The Financial Literacy initiative is tailored to provide a platform where professional finance, investment and business solutions can be accessed by NSSF members. We also aim at empowering NSSF to make better finance decisions upon receipt of their NSSF savings



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