Terms and Conditions

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By providing this information, the client agrees to the following.

  1. The client acknowledges that this service is voluntarily undertaken.
  2. That the information provided by the client is true and correct and NSSF shall not be responsible for any loss that is occasioned because of wronginformation provided and acted on.
  3. That whereas NSSF shall take reasonable steps to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the client, NSSF shall not be liable for any loss or breach arising from acting on a wrong and or forged detail provided to it.
  4. That NSSF shall verify the information provided by the client with third parties like NIRA, telecom companies, financial institutions, licensed aggregators, government ministries, departments, and agencies e.tc. as deemed appropriate.
  5. That NSSF shall use the client contact details provided to share transactional information with the client e.g., claim status, statements, and balances.
  6. In case of loss or change of contact information registered with NSSF, the client is responsible for informing us immediately so we can update accordingly, since your valid contact information grants access to our online services.
  7. The client shall exercise due care in the management and safeguarding of his/her PIN, passwords, passcodes and NSSF shall not be liable for any loss that is occasioned because of mismanagement of PINs, passwords and pass codes.
  8. NSSF reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions herein and the client hereby agrees to be bound by such changes for as long as they are communicated to the clients prior to implementation.
  9. The client acknowledges that the services herein may be provided by a third party and NSSF is not responsible for the charges levied by omission or commission of the third parties. The client accepts to meet any transaction fees levied by third party enabling service accessed.
  10. That NSSF shall provide the service during working hours and any authorization or cancellation shall be made during these hours and NSSF shall not be responsible for completion or non-completion of the authorization made after the working hours or made after the completion of a transaction.
  11. Although we will try to ensure that you are able to always make full use of the NSSF Services, we do not guarantee that they will be always available, and we will not be responsible or liable for any loss whatsoever or howsoever arising because of any non-availability of NSSF Services. NSSF services are not fault free and factors like acts of God and network failures, planned maintenance services may interfere with quality and availability of our services.
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